As in any sport, future excellence can only be achieved if the proper initial foundation is provided. Consistent riding and good lesson horses are the key to any successful riding program. Dependable lesson horses, suited to the level of the rider are crucial to developing confidence and self-esteem as well as helping the rider to improve their skills. Many of our horses have been with us for years. Occasionally we welcome new additions, selected to work into, and remain, in the program for years to come. Our lesson horses are loved and valued partners. They are suited to various levels of riding!

Private Lessons

30 Minutes: $45.00

1 Hour: $60.00

30 Minute Packages

30 Minutes (4) $162.00

30 Minutes (8) $324.00

30 Minutes (12) $486.00

1 Hour Packages

1 Hour (4) $216.00

1 Hour (8) $432.00

1 Hour (12) $648.00

Cancellation Policy:

Lessons must be cancelled at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time. If lessons are not cancelled within 4 hours, you will be charged 100% of the lesson fee. If lessons are cancelled due to weather, a 5 day grace period will be given to make up that lesson. It is your responsibility to call to verify weather conditions at the stables and to reschedule day / time.


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